STEM Institute 2012 Application

This application has three sections: Student Information, Student Questionnaire and Parent Questionnaire. Once the application is completed use the SUBMIT button at the bottom of  the page to send your application to the STEM Institute.

Student Information Section

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Which Program Are You Applying For? You CAN Do Multiple Weeks

STEM Institute Week One June 4-8th: Full DayHalf Day

STEM Summer Institute Week Two June 11-15th: Full DayHalf Day

STEM Summer Institute Both Weeks June 4-15th: Both Weeks

STEM High School Program Week Two June 11-15th: Full DayHalf Day

If you are interested in 2 weeks and you need to mix 1/2 day and full days please email Susan at

Oceanography Institute - Full Day June 4-8th: Full Day

Oceanography Institute - Full Day June 11-15th: Full Day

Pingree Park - June 11-15th (this is a sleep away camp): June 6-10th

Oceanography California July 16th-20th: July 16th-20th

Science of Entertainment California July 23rd-27th: July 23rd-27th

Anthropology/Archeology of the Southwest July 30th- August 3rd: July 30th-August 3rd

STEM students will remain on the Preston campus except for related outside activities. Parents and family members are invited to join us for the closing activities.

Student Questionnaire Section

Please list any academic enrichment or extracurricular programs (hobbies, sports, clubs, etc.) in which you have participated during the summer or academic year. Please note if you received any honors or awards.

Summer Programs You Have Attended - Include Year

Extracurricular Activities - Include Year

Check all of the following subjects that you have completed or are currently enrolled in.

Middle School Courses:
5th Grade Math5th Grade ScienceConnected Math 1
6th Grade Math6th Grade ScienceConnected Math 2
7th Grade Math7th Grade ScienceConnected Math 3
Algebra, 1st yearAlgebra, 2nd yearGeometryComputer Programming
Other Science

1. What made you want to apply to the STEM Program?

2. Why are you interested in studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics?

3. What would you like to be when you grow up? Why?

4. What is your strongest ability - what do you do best?

5. What have you done in school or in the community that you consider outstanding?

6. What one idea do you particularly like to discuss - that is, what subject always triggers your interest and excites you?

7. What is your best quality - your finest characteristic?

Parent Questionnaire Section

Please help us get to know your child by answering the following questions.

1. Has your child ever been recommended for any other gifted programs? If so, please explain.

2. Why do you want your child to attend this program?

3. What three adjectives would you use to describe your child?

4. What other information would you like for us to know concerning your child?

Please review the information entered and press the SUBMIT button below.